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Coming soon to TV CONFIDENTIAL: Author DAVID KOENIG on the series of happy accidents that led Richard Levinson and William Link to create the Columbo character in 1960 (and, later, develop the NBC COLUMBO television series in 1968 and 1971); Peter Falk’s endless battles with network and studio executives (and how that did not always endear him to the guest stars who appeared on the show); how Martin Scorsese, Brian DePalma, and Paul Williams all came close to doing an episode of the NBC series; and how Patrick McGoohan became one of the guiding forces for the ABC incarnation of the series. David’s latest book, SHOOTING COLUMBO: The Lives and Deaths of TV’s Rumpled Detective, not only provides a blow by blow account of the creation and development of COLUMBO, but includes a treasure trove of behind the scenes production information from a host of sources. SHOOTING COLUMBO is available now from Bonaventure Press

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This Date in MAVERICK TV History: Buddy Ebsen and Peggy McCay star in “The Maverick Line,” the final episode featuring James Garner, airing Nov. 20, 1960

THE MAVERICK LINE Original Airdate: November 20, 1960 Synopsis. Bret and Bart arrive in Snowflake to claim their inheritance from their late Uncle Micah―full ownership of the Maverick Stage Line. Although Micah had hoped that the boys would run the … Continue reading

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