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Show No. 422 with guests Jerry Houser, Paul Robert Coyle and Roy Samuelson
Original Airdates: Oct. 12-15, 2018
First hour: Voice artist Roy Samuelson talks to Ed about Descriptive Narration, a burgeoning field of voiceover that provides narrated descriptions of key elements of a film or TV series for those who are blind or visually impaired. October is Blindness Awareness Month. Also in this hour: Chuck Harter with Part 3 of our three-part series on pop music TV shows of the mid to late 1960s, including a look back at The Music Scene, the short-lived music comedy series from the fall of 1969 that also featured a pre-Laugh-In Lily Tomlin, Happening ‘68, the Saturday morning series starring Mark Lindsay and Paul Revere, and Malibu U, the seven-week summer series from 1967 hosted by Rick Nelson. Second hour: Part 2 of our conversation with award-winning actor, producer, voice artist and teacher Jerry Houser (Summer of ’42, Class of ’44, Slap Shot, The Brady Brides, A Very Brady Christmas and The Bradys), including stories of Jerry’s work alongside David Janssen, Milton Berle, Don Adams, Alan Alda, and Ron Howard in various films and TV shows. Longtime television writer Paul Robert Coyle co-hosts the hour.

Jerry Houser offers fun and informative workshops, both here in Los Angeles as well as private sessions via Skype, for those who are considering beginning a career in voiceover. For more information, visit or contact Jerry directly.

Show No. 421 with guests Robert Crane and Ashley Arpel Greenwald
Original Airdates: Oct. 5-8, 2018
First hour: Actress and entrepreneur Ashley Arpel Greenwald talks about her latest movie, Destined to Ride; the unusual approach she took to booking a role in the political thriller The Runner; and how she came to launch her catering business, That’s Ashley’s Kitchen, an online bakery that specializes in cakes and cupcakes. Destined to Ride is now available for streaming on demand. Also in this hour: Greg Ehrbar and his son, Colin Ehrbar, review the DVD release of Gravity Falls. Second hour: Robert Crane conducts a special TV trivia quiz in which every question touches on the career of his dad, actor and radio host Bob Crane. Bob also shares more back stories behind his latest book, Hollywood Plateau, a collection of candid interviews with the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Bruce Dern, John Wayne, Teri Garr, Jack Nicholson, Cheech and Chong, Oscar de la Hoya, Jan Stephenson and other newsmakers that Bob originally conducted circa 1974 to 2013, prior to the era of political correctness.

Show No. 420 with guest Michael Learned
Original Airdates: Sept. 21-24, 2018
First hour: A tribute to film and television actor Burt Reynolds featuring highlights from previously broadcast conversations with people who knew and worked with him, including actors Richard Anderson and James Best and director Ralph Senensky. Also in this hour: Greg Ehrbar reviews Sid Caesar: The Works, the five-DVD tribute set from Shout! Factory that includes such previously unreleased-to-DVD material as Ten from Your Show of Shows, The Chevy Show, the Emmy Award-winning CBS reunion special from 1967, and Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner in conversation with Billy Crystal at the Paley Center from 2014. If you order Sid Caesar: The Works directly through, you will receive a bonus disc, Sid Caesar: Extra Portion, which features more than two hours of additional material. Second hour: Four-time Emmy Award-winning actress Michael Learned (The Waltons, Nurse, Life Interrupted) talks to Ed about the genuine love that Waltons creator Earl Hamner had for his mother and his family, and how grateful she is for her experience on The Waltons because it gave her a second family. Michael will be honored by the Family Film Awards with their annual Legend Award on Thursday, Sept. 27, plus she recently completed production on the short film Second Acts. She will also reprise the role of Miss Daisy in a stage production of Driving Miss Daisy in January 2019 at the Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach, California. Also in this hour: An encore presentation of our conversation from June 2014 with actor/comedian Bill Daily (I Dream of Jeannie, The Bob Newhart Show).

Show No. 419 with guests Cy Chermak, Will Ryan and Michael Schlesinger
Original Airdates:
Sept. 14-17, 2018
First hour: Greg Ehrbar joins Ed for Part 2 of our conversation with Will Ryan and Michael Schlesinger. Will is the star, along with Nick Santa Maria, and Michael is the writer, producer and director, of The Misadventures of Biffle and Shooster, a collection of five 1930s-style comedies that pay homage to The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy and other vintage comedy teams. The Misadventures of Biffle and Shooster also includes a ton of bonus features, including an additional short (“First Things Last”), more than an hour of bloopers and outtakes, and a 1962-style “reunion” interview that Will and Nick perform in character as Biffle and Shooster. (Four of the five shorts, (“The Biffle Murder Case,” “Imitation of Wife,” “Schmo Boat” and “Bride of Finklestein,” are also available for viewing on demand on Amazon, Vudu and other streaming platforms, under the umbrella title The Adventures of Biffle and Shooster.) The hour also includes a surprise appearance by Emmy Award-winning writer and producer and former Disney Records producer Jymn Magon. Second hour: Ed welcomes award-winning television producer Cy Chermak (The Virginian, Ironside, CHiPs, Kolchak: The Night Stalker). Cy’s book, The Show Runner: An Insider’s Guide to Successful TV Production, tells you everything you need to know to succeed as a producer in television today, from the importance of a good concept, keeping it believable, and staying on top of the writing, to staying within budget and knowing when to delegate responsibilities while still maintaining control. The Show Runner also addresses such topical issues as the #MeToo movement (and, specifically, how to avoid the pitfalls of the casting couch), how to deal with the media, and how to protect your stars, plus insight into the likes of James Drury, Doug McClure, David Hartman, Darren McGavin, and David Chase.

Show No. 418 with guests Bob Bergen, Lili Bordán and Geoffrey Mark
Original Airdates: Sept. 7-10, 2018
First hour: Actress Lili Bordán (The Nun, Book Club, Curtiz) talks to Ed about having “good nun experiences” while attending Catholic school growing up; meeting one of her idols, Diane Keaton, as a result of making Book Club; and the upcoming premiere of the biopic Curtiz at the Montreal World Film Festival. The Nun is now playing in theaters everywhere. Also in this hour: Geoffrey Mark shares the back stories of “Miss Otis Regrets,” “Basin Street Blues” and other songs featured on the long-awaited two-CD set that is part of the Deluxe Edition of his latest book, Ella: A Biography of the Legendary Ella Fitzgerald. Geoff will perform some of the songs of Ella Fitzgerald on Wednesday, Sept. 19 at the Santa Monica Public Library. Second hour: Ed, Tony and Donna welcome Emmy Award-nominated actor Bob Bergen, the voice of Porky Pig since March 1990, and a living breathing reminder that, with hard work, determination and a little luck here and there, you really can make your childhood dreams come true. Topics include the generosity of the voice artist community, Bob’s friendship with voice legend June Foray, how he came to meet his idol, Mel Blanc, and why performing voice work in animated shows and movies requires great physical stamina.

Also an accomplished voice teacher, Bob Bergen is in his thirty-first year teaching his animation voice workshop in Los Angeles. He also travels the U.S. and Canada teaching weekend voiceover workshops, plus he offers private sessions. For more information, contact Bob through his website.

Show No. 417 with guests Trine Christensen, Adam Sharp, Ali Agirnas and Chuck Harter
Original Airdate: Aug. 31-Sept. 3, 2018
First hour: Trine Christensen, the actress who plays Jacob Gustavson’s wife on Godless and The Saint of Killers’ wife on Preacher, talks to Ed about the challenges of playing a character who does not have a first name, and how she recently “found her game” while learning comedy improvisation skills with the Upright Citizens Brigade. Also in this hour: Music and TV historian Chuck Harter remembers the life and legacy of Aretha Franklin, the legendary Queen of Soul. Second hour: Ed welcomes Adam Sharp, interim president of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (aka The Daytime Emmy Awards) and former Head of News, Government and Elections at Twitter. Topics include how the Daytime Emmy Awards more than doubled its viewership from last year’s telecast—without being televised on a traditional network; why daytime TV in its many formats remains viable today; the difference between false news and fake news, and what to look for so that you don’t fall for either. Also in this hour: Ali Agirnas, the actor who plays Nicholas Gustavson on Godless, talks to Ed about becoming an actor after a successful career as an entrepreneur, his passion for surfing, and how proud he was to speak his father’s native language when he played a Turkish detective on the NBC series The Brave.

Show No. 416 with guests David Arnoff and Chuck Harter
Original Airdates: Aug. 24-27, 2018
First hour: Chuck Harter joins Ed for Part 2 of our look at the era of pop music TV shows from the mid to late 1960s. This week we focus on such syndicated shows as The Lloyd Thaxton Show, Shebang (with Casey Kasem), Hollywood a Go Go (aka Ninth Street West), Shivaree, and Groovy. Second hour: Ed welcomes iconic rock photographer David Arnoff. Known among followers of punk rock and underground music, David’s interest in music—and, particularly, the music of British bands—was shaped by such shows as Shindig, Hullabaloo, The Lloyd Thaxton Show and other pop music shows that he watched as a teenager in the 1960s. Topics include the Beatles concert at Dodger Stadium in 1966 (which David attended, along with Robert Crane); meeting Boyce and Hart and Davy Jones of The Monkees by accident; and how a lot of punk artists, such as Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, were fans of such shows as The Honeymooners and The Untouchables. David’s book, Shot in the Dark: The Collected Photography of David Arnoff, is a collection of more than 150 black and white photographs, circa 1976 to 1985, of such punk rock performers as Patti Smith, The Clash, Blondie, Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, X, The Damned, Ian Dury, Misfits, The Ramones, The Cramps, Lux Interior, Poison Ivy, David Johansen, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joan Jett, and Elvis Costello—all in their prime and, in many cases, before they become well known to the public. Shot in the Dark also includes personal insights and eyewitness accounts from many of the artists photographed in the book, including Motorhead, Nick Cave, X, Jayne/Wayne County, Walter Lure, and The Dead Boys.

Show No. 415: Remembering Charlotte Rae and Ron Satlof
Original Airdate: Aug. 17-20, 2018
First hour: From October 2010: Television producer and director Ron Satlof (McCloud, Misconceptions, Perry Mason Returns) talks to Ed about working with Martin Scorsese early in his career as a second A.D. on Mean Streets and how Scorsese’s meticulous preparation had an enormous influence on Ron’s later career as a director and independent filmmaker. Also in this hour: This being Elvis week, we salute the King with a replay of our August 2017 conversation with actor Michael Dante about working with Elvis in Kid Galahad and their friendship that lasted until Presley’s death. Second hour: From October 2015: Ed welcomes actress Charlotte Rae (The Facts of Life, Diff’rent Strokes, Car 54, Where Are You?). Also in this hour: Sixties film historian Tom Lisanti, author of Talking Sixties Drive-In Movies, talks to Ed about the evolution of “The Elvis Movie.”

Show No. 414 with guests Adrienne Barbeau, Will Ryan and Michael Schlesinger
Original Airdate: Aug. 10-13, 2018
First hour: Ed and Greg Ehrbar welcome Will Ryan and Michael Schlesinger. Will is the star, along with Nick Santa Maria, and Mike is the writer, producer and director, of The Misadventures of Biffle and Shooster—a collection of 1930s-style comedies that pay homage to The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy and other vintage comedy teams from the Golden Era of Hollywood. Though filmed within the last five years, the sets, camera shots, attention to detail, and, above all, the performances of everyone involved in in the Biffle and Shooster films are all so convincing, they look and sound as if they really were unearthed from the 1930s. The DVD release The Misadventures of Biffle and Shooster includes five comedy shorts—“The Biffle Murder Case,” “Imitation of Wife,” “Schmo Boat,” “Bride of Finklestein,” and “It’s a Frame Up,” all but one of which was filmed in black and white—plus a ton of bonus features, including an additional short (“First Things Last”), more than an hour of bloopers and outtakes, and a 1962-style “reunion” interview that Will and Nick perform in character as Biffle and Shooster. (In addition, “The Biffle Murder Case,” “Imitation of Wife,” “Schmo Boat,” and “Bride of Finklestein” are available for viewing on demand on Amazon, Vudu and other streaming platforms, under the umbrella title The Adventures of Biffle and Shooster.) Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa devotes This Week in TV History to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the final episode of Cheers, which NBC rebroadcast in August 1993. Second hour: Singer, actress and author Adrienne Barbeau (Maude, The Fog, Escape From New York, Creepshow, Swamp Thing, Carnivale) talks to Ed about working with Beatrice Arthur; adapting her novel Love Bites as a screenplay; the interesting path that led to Adrienne’s writing career; and the secret to performing the song “No Time at All” while hanging upside down on a trapeze, which Adrienne did when she played Pippin’s grandmother, Berthe, in the national tour of Pippin. Adrienne’s memoir, There Are Worse Things I Could Do, and her novels Vampyres of Hollywood, Love Bites and Make Me Dead are now all available as eBooks through

This week’s program also marks the tenth anniversary of the premiere of TV Confidential. On behalf of Tony, Donna, Phil, Greg, Chris and everyone else who has helped us behind the scenes over the past ten years, our heartfelt thanks to you, our audience—not only for listening to us, but making us part of your life. We will be introducing new elements to our program in the weeks and months ahead. We look forward to sharing them with you and spending more time together.

Show No. 413 with guests Barbara van Orden, Sam Medina and Geoffrey Mark
Original Airdate: Aug. 3-6, 2018
First hour: Actor, writer and director Sam Medina (Preacher, From Dusk to Dawn: The Series, Kickboxer: Vengeance, Kickboxer: Retaliation) talks to Ed about working alongside Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg in the new action thriller Mile 22 (including shooting part of the film on location in Bogota); his roots in New Orleans and the role he played to help rebuild the city after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina; his upcoming directorial debut later this year in Code Name: The Dragon, an action movie starring MMA superstar Cung Le; and how he approaches playing villains, even when the character requires him to go to a dark place. Mile 22 opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, Aug 17. (Sam will also be seen the new Marvel adventure Venom, which opens in theaters on Friday, Oct. 5.) Also in this hour: Music and TV historian Geoffrey Mark offers his thoughts on the subject of How Would You Define a Classic TV Show?, plus he shares a story about the word of advice that Rip Taylor once gave that changed the course of Geoff’s career. Geoff will perform some of the songs of Ella Fitzgerald on Saturday, Aug. 11 at the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Springs, CA. on Wednesday, Sept. 19 at the Santa Monica Public Library in Santa Monica, CA. Geoff’s latest book, Ella: A Biography of the Legendary Ella Fitzgerald is available, both in hardcover and as an eBook, at, and online bestsellers everywhere. The Deluxe Edition of Ella: A Biography of the Legendary Ella Fitzgerald includes a two-CD set with more than forty studio/live tracks of Ella in her prime, as well as the hardcover book. All forty tracks in the CD set were personally selected by Geoff himself from all four of her major recording labels, Decca, Verve, Capital Records and Pablo. Second hour: Singer/actress Barbara van Orden takes Ed behind the scenes of this year’s LA’s Next Great Stage Star Competition, the only musical theatre competition of its kind on the West Coast, and a showcase for undiscovered performers between the ages of eighteen and thirty-two with “triple threat” talent (acting, voice and dance). Barbara also shares a few stories of working with the likes of Soupy Sales, Morey Amsterdam and Frank Sinatra. (Sinatra not only took Barbara under his wing early in her career, but encouraged her to help other young artists down the road, just as he had helped her.) For our listeners in Los Angeles, LA’s Next Great Stage Star competition takes place every Monday evening through Aug. 27 on the Debbie Reynolds Main Stage of the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.

Show No. 412 with guests Robert Crane and Audrey Walters
Original Airdate: July 27-30, 2018
First hour: Actress, teacher and entrepreneur Audrey Walters talks to Ed about Talk to the Camera, the Denver, Colorado-based youth workshop that helps elementary and middle school children develop their social communication skills through exercises and activities that require them to make eye contact with other people. Talk to the Camera has recently expanded to two other states, while franchising opportunities remain available. Audrey also has upcoming roles in Big Kill and Arizona, both of which will be released theatrically later this year, as well as on Video on Demand. Also in this hour: With a stage production of Green Acres now in the works, Greg Ehrbar revisits the long-running CBS series from the mid 1960s that, in many respects, was the closest thing American television came to capturing the genius and absurdity of Monty Python. Second hour: Ed, Tony and Donna welcome back freelance journalist, screenwriter and author Robert Crane. Bob’s latest book, Hollywood Plateau, is a collection of candid interviews with such newsmakers as Jimmy Kimmel, Joan Rivers, Roseanne Barr, Spinal Tap, Bruce Dern, John Wayne, John Candy, Jack Nicholson, Chevy Chase, Jamie Foxx, Cheech and Chong, the cast of SCTV, Oscar de la Hoya, and Jan Stephenson. All of these interviews were originally conducted over a forty-year period (circa 1974 to 2013), prior to the era of political correctness—a time when industry people spoke their minds without self and organizational censorship. In many cases, Bob interviewed these celebrities when they were just coming onto the scene.