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* A brief preview of each week’s edition of TV Confidential before it is broadcast.

*Exclusive access to audio streaming or downloadable MP3s of the last five years of audio archives of TV Confidential.

*Exclusive access to guest interviews.  As listeners of TV Confidential know, all guest interviews are pre-recorded.   As a Gold Confidant, however, you will have an opportunity to send in questions in advance via a special direct email to the host of the show, for possible inclusion on the air.

*Exclusive access to classic shows.  Each month, Platinum Confidants will have access to a “classic” edition of TV Confidential – a complete two hour show that has fallen out of the five year archive.

*Exclusive access to the hosts of the show via Skype.  Once a month (or so) you will have an opportunity to participate in a special Skype Q & A session with show hosts.

*Exclusive access to bonus content that is not heard on the broadcast edition of TV Confidential.