Coming soon to TV CONFIDENTIAL: Actress, author, comedienne and voice artist LARAINE NEWMAN on discovering her ear for dialects and her gift for creating voices when she was a young girl; how, in many respects, she came into her own as a performer for the first time once she began working in voiceover animation; and the touching story of her chance encounter with screen legend Fred Astaire. Laraine’s new audio memoir, MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES, not only takes you backstage of the first five years of Saturday Night Live, but includes memories of her favorite sketches, plus glimpses of the people behind the people of SNL, including the writers, producers, musicians, guest stars and, of course, her fellow Not Ready for Prime Time Players. Laraine speaks candidly about her life before, during and after SNL throughout her nine-hour audiobook (including overcoming her struggle with addiction), often while slipping in and out of the many voices she has created throughout her career. That makes this one of the most entertaining memoirs you will ever hear. Available now at

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