Coming soon to TV CONFIDENTIAL: New York Times bestselling author JENNIFER ARMSTRONG on how Gertrude Berg not only shaped the TV sitcom (even before Lucille Ball), but understood the importance of branding before it became a thing; why Hazel Scott, the first African-American to host a national evening variety series, was the Beyonce of her time; and the many ways in which Betty White lived the life of Mary Richards long before The Mary Tyler Moore Show came into existence. Jennifer’s newest book, WHEN WOMEN INVENTED TELEVISION: The Untold Story of the Female Powerhouses Who Pioneered the Way We Watch Today, traces the history of the first ten years of network TV through the lives and accomplishments of Berg, Scott, White, and radio and TV soap opera maven Irna Phillips in the late 1940s—and how all four women found themselves marginalized as television became more popular and more lucrative amidst the changing culture of the early 1950s. WHEN WOMEN INVENTED TELEVISION is available wherever books are sold

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