Podcast of TV CONFIDENTIAL Show No. 449 with guest Marc Cushman, author of THESE ARE THE VOYAGES: GENE RODDENBERRY AND STAR TREK IN THE 1970s, is now available online for listening on demand

Gene Roddenberry biographer Marc Cushman on the making of Star Trek: The Animated Series, the loyalty of Leonard Nimoy to his fellow cast members, and the Great Bird’s many battles with film and TV executives
Original Airdates
: May 3-5, 2019

TVC 449.1: Ed welcomes Star Trek historian Mark Cushman, author of These Are the Voyages, a critically acclaimed three-volume history of the original Star Trek. Marc’s latest book, These Are the Voyages: Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek in the 1970s, is a two-volume biography of the Great Bird’s ups and downs between the cancellation of the original Star Trek in 1969 to its triumphant return as a feature length major motion picture, in 1979. Volume I of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek in the 1970s is available through Jacobs Brown Media Group. Volume II is slated for release later this year.

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